Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Good Morning Surprise!

This morning I let the dog outside to go do her business and, quickly after, heard her barking and scrambling as fast as she could to get back up onto the porch and to come inside. I thought she was being silly and barking at some workers who were working on the house behind us. I took her back outside but she wouldn't budge off the porch. Then I heard the sound that caused me to look up into the sky. There, hovering really close to my neighbor's house was a hot air balloon!

(Oh, and there's another view of my weedy lot!)

That's not something you see every day!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Warrantied Work

Last week I met with Jimmy who will be overseeing any and all warranty work I need completed on my home. He was prompt, professional and courteous. We went over some paperwork, he explained how things work and told me how to get in contact with him. We also went over a few things in my home that need to be addressed. He made a list and we talked about each and what he would do for each one. Last, we set up a time and date where he could have workers come and complete the work. Its all very straightforward and simple. Im happy with the service Im receiving thus far and am very happy with my home.

Today the crews showed up to complete the work that I asked to have fixed; the ceiling fan on my back porch needed to have the board above it replaced, a couple of my kitchen cabinets needed new skins, a baseboard wasn't painted (primed, but not painted) and the floor in my master bath needed to be caulked where the tile meets the tub. Each crew came in and was in and out fairly quickly. The back patio took the longest and the poor painters have to wait around. However the guys doing the skins in the kitchen worried me most. One of the fellows was having a hard time breathing (perhaps he was asthmatic?) and he was sweating really badly and seeming to not move around well. I was a little nervous that he would keel over in my kitchen. Consequently, he cut the board wrong and then the installer broke it, and low and behold, they'll have to come back again.

Overall this process seems simple and, as long as I keep a list of things I come across that need attention, it will work fine.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Service and Warranty

When my house was being built, I was told more than once that warranty people would be in touch with me about 9 days after closing, and then again a little further out and then around one year and again at 18-months. So far, I haven't heard anything from anyone unless I open my mouth and ask. Thankfully, Raymond, my construction superintendent has been wonderful in that respect. He's truly been a Godsend from day one (er, Day 41, when he came on).

There are still a couple of things needing attention in my house that didn't get completed 100% and that I need to have done before I feel confident that anything else is on my shoulders to take care of. One, the ceiling where my outdoor ceiling fan was installed is still a jagged, gaping hole. It needs to be caulked, painted and make to look finished. Second, beneath the edges of my countertops is simply some random caulking. It needs to be completed so Im happy with how it looks if I happen to be sitting on the floor and look up at it.

I went ahead and inquired on KB's website under "contact" and "warranty service". Im sure someone will get back with me in a timely fashion. They've been stellar in that respect all throughout my experience.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Busyness of Homeownership

This first week is definitely keeping me on my toes with all that is still going on with my new home. A third-party building inspector stopped by for final inspection. KB guys came by to install the bullnose that was missing in the 2nd bathroom and by the stairs in the entry.
I've had my electricity, water, cable, internet and phone installed. New furniture (kids' beds and a new couch) has been delivered and assembled. I've registered all of my appliances for their warranties.
Now, today, the garage door company is coming to install my opener. My security system company is coming to activate my service and walk me through how NOT to set it off. I can already see that happening. And David, my handyman, is coming to go over a slew of things I have asked him to help me with. 
All that and it's only Wednesday morning!
It makes me so happy when people come in and comment on my home. It's nice to hear what other people think, and to be affirmed in my choices. Afterall, if I ever had to sell, at least I can be assured people would like my home.
I've starting making trips. I have so much to do, yet Im really looking forward to setting up my new home.  This is probably my final posting on this blog, since it was mostly about the building of my home. If you'd like to follow me from here on, please check out my new blog at www.gracingignacia.com, where I'll be posting about decorating, some cooking, a little gardening and just family life in general.
Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. See you on the new one!

Monday, April 7, 2014

First Weekend as a Homeowner

This weekend was the first weekend of my whole entire life as a homeowner. When I arrived at school to pick the girls up, I brought their keys, jingling in my hand. Their faces said it all: long awaited happiness and excitement.

We took over our air mattresses, a cooler with some water, and a few other things that we'd need. We basically setup camp so we could spend the weekend there enjoying the house. And we did. It felt so good to be there. On Sunday morning it rained! I loved listening to it. My yard and new trees loved it, too, I'm sure.

This picture is the first sunrise I was able to witness as a homeowner. It's a cool, brisk day and looks like rain. The sunrise will be lovely to see everyday while I get ready for work.

 Today the wood blinds rep came and measured. It'll take about two weeks or so for them to arrive.  In the meantime I put up temp shades over the windows in the areas we were using (gameroom, bedroom, baths, etc). Next my IKEA sofa and the girls' beds arrived. Tomorrow they'll get assembled. Soon I need to order the appliances and mattresses.